Tourist map of Villa Clara province. Tourist informations about Villa Clara, cities and tourist destinations in Villa Clara
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Villa Clara province map
Information about province:
The province of Villa Clara is located right in the center of rural and deep Cuba. Destiny, outside the conventional routes, for those people who wish to find the face most traditional of Cuba. It is a center of great sugar power, at the present time has more than 25 sugar cane stations for the process of refinement of sugar.
The city of Santa Clara, capital of the province, was founded on 1689 by settlers of a coastal establishment who fled from the attacks of pirates and privateers. It is the typical population of passage between the West and East sides of the country, shows the calm enchantment of the Cuban town, where an pleasant rural atmosphere is breathed, in which it does not lack the reference to recent history, since it was in this city where the forces of the Che Guevara gave the definitive blow of grace to the forces of the dictator Batista. After the repatriation of his body and his mates from Bolivia, Santa Clara was chosen so that they rested.
Santa Clara, is a city in ascent, in which the traditions are united to an increasing tourist development and counts on centennial cultural values, high scientific, industrial and social potential. Boundaries of hunting, dams for the fishing of the trout and the only seat of the country with two churches and one image of the Immaculate Conception Pregnacy appears between the attractiveness of the locality. Caibarién, the town of fishermen to several virgin keys by stoneroad 48 kilometers lenght; and the Hanabanilla - artificial lake between hills with its cascade.
It is a commercial and communication center located in a knot of highways and railroad. Also it has an airport. The cattle ranch was the traditional activity until the 19th century, in which the sugar cane became important. The tobacco processing and commercialization take place in the province.
The new investments aim to extend towards many keys to development an important infrastructure for the tourism, taking advantage of the abundant virgin water beach small barren islands crystalline, with the first passages in that sense in the keys Las Brujas (the Witches).
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