Tourist map of Guantanamo province. Tourist informations about Guantanamo, cities and tourist destinations in Guantanamo
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Guantánamo province map
Information about province:
The province of Guantánamo is most Eastern of Cuba, Without communication infrastructures,and with a difficult mountainous surface caused that it was isolated for more than four centuries.
Guantánamo, located to the Southeastern of Cuba on the margins of the Guaso river, was founded at the beginning of 19th century by French who fled from the rebellion of slaves in Haiti, Guantánamo conserves still many vestiges of French architecture. The city is inland to 30 km of the port of Caimanera, located in the bay of Guantánamo, where the United States maintains an important naval base. Its location was rented to the United States in 1903 by means of a treaty that renewed in 1934. The consensus is needed both parts to revoke the agreement. From 1960, the Cuban government has rejected to accept the annual rent of 5000 USD of the United States and has solicited that US comes back the base. In the middle of the decade of the 90, thousands of originating refugees of Cuba and Haiti were lodged temporarily in the base and later about 600 Afganisthan figthers.
In this region they are possible to be enjoyed the last authentically virgin beaches, that even are in the country and the view of the landscape and the nature can be recreated that almost has no changed since it astonished to the first conquerors more than 500 years ago. The inhabitants who reside in this zone of the country, are direct descending of the old Indians who lived in this zone.
With 99 percents of its territory covered by mountains, Guantánamo shows earth areas frequently with many stones, calcined, of thin vegetation and abundant cactus, to which they oppose green cane plantations and forests.
In the province is located the Ecological Reserve Hatibonico, with an area of more than five thousand hectares, in which are elevations known like the Monitongos, characterized by original trees and animals.
The studies show the existence of a hundred of exclusive vegetal species of the region, as well as 64 of birds - of them 12 endemic ones -, constituting the last refuge of the real carpenter, and between the mammals the manatí.
Nevertheless, the greater attractiveness of the province is the villa of Baracoa, prior city of Cuba founded by the Advanced Diego Velázquez on 1512, distinguished by the good natured character of its settlers and the beauty of a large city surrounded by steep coasts, foliages, mountains and rivers.
First capital of the Great Island, takes its name from a native word that means "existence of sea", in reference of its original settlers to a marine atmosphere presence by all sides, in contrast to mountains and fluvial arteries.
With an economy centered in the culture of the coffee and the cacao, Baracoa would be in the short term to incorporate its attractive tourist ones like main potential for the development of the province. The perspective aim at a potential near the two thousand rooms with destinies the foreign visitors, attracted every time with greater force by the virgin nature of most Eastern of the Cuban provinces.
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