Tourist map of Ciego de Avila province. Tourist informations about Ciego de Avila, cities and tourist destinations in Ciego de Avila
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Ciego de Ávila province map
Information about province:
The region history goes back to 1522, when the Advanced Diego Velazquez recognized the beauties of the place and he granted the sovereign of his country, in a forecast of which today constitutes a site of great attraction for the benefit of adults and children.
Territory with rural characteristics, rich in sugar cane and pinnaple, the province of Ciego de Ávila - in the east of the country today shows most promising of the tourist Cuban destinies thanks to the construction of stoneroad that connects with the Coco and Guillermo keys, next to Paredón Grande and Antón Chico- among others in the keys named Jardines del Rey (King’s Gardens).
Virgin paradise and birds refugee, where is almost not touched by hand of the man, small barren islands constitute exclusive tourist product where development anticipates a minimum of rooms by the idea in fomenting the bonds with the natural surroundings and enjoying attractive that offer one of the greater areas of habitat for the flamingos, specially the pink one, in one of the most important reserves of the hemisphere.
Coco key, the fourth small barren island in extension of Cuba, shows a territory of 370 square kilometers and 22 kilometers of virgin beaches, accompanied by abundant vegetation, where predominate “mangles” and coconut palms. The origin of the name is the presence of the well-known bird like White Ibis - popularly call Coco bird -, with its shining colors contributes personality to the region.
Shrubs of low stature, fine sand and spaces where silence always is accompanied of the murmur of the sea, constitute inspiration source for the poetry, the adventure and the romance, in the prelude of which it will be an important center for tourits with moreless 22 thousand rooms.
Coco Key connects with Guillermo Key, where in 18 square kilometers are located almost five kilometers of beaches, emphasize the Pilar - named in honor to the boat of the American writer Ernest Hemingway-, with dunes of up to 16 meters high.
A lot of species of flowers and trees, like mahoganies, sabins, “almácigos” and coconut palms, conform a great garden as dreamed by the lovers of the nature.
Other keys like Sabinal, Guajaba and Romano are also united to the Coco and Guillermo ones, forming part of the Sabana-Camagüey archipelago, in an area populated with exuberante coastal vegetation and the silence that contributes to the stillness, peace and the murmur of the sea, all is ideal for the rest.
Very close there is a coralline barrier of 400 kilometers, considered by the specialists like the second greater one of the world, surpassed only by the Australian.
Beyond the systems of islands that surround the province, Ciego de Ávila counts with an enormous potential in the sugar industry and centennial culture, that you can appraisete in the Municipal Museum of the Morón city, where is exhibited the “Idolillo de Barro” and more than thousand 600 native archaeological pieces that were found in 1947 a few kilometers from that large city.
Nevertheless, who mention today that territory associate it with the possibility of resting and appreciate the nature, well far from the noise of the modern cities of the present time.
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