Tourist map of Camaguey province. Tourist informations about Camaguey, cities and tourist destinations in Camaguey
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Camagüey province map
Information about province:
Founded on 1514 by the name of Port Prince and with a capital of 480 years of history, Camagüey is also well-known as the city of “tinajones” by the numerous presence of these enormous cooked mud containers, used long ago to store rainwater and today objects of adornment in gardens, vestibules and parks.
Arisen in a beginning like coastal ville, their inhabitants decided to transfer it inland to evade the constant threats of privateers and pirates, coming to their reconstruction in an extensive plain, that quickly became an affluent establishment of rooted families to its traditions.
Its colonial architecture survives in large houses, ceilings of roofing tiles, inner doors, fantastic inner backyards, seats, churches and alleys, all it loaded by the history of the facts of develops independent war of 19th century against the Spanish colonialism.
Camagüey is an important commercial center for agricultural products, cattle, mining, of skins and sugar of the province. There are sawmills, distilleries, cows skin workshops and industries of meat and milky product elaboration.
The province of Camagüey is the most extensive of the island. It consists of a total of 120 kilometers of beaches, many of them in virgin state, who almost suppose the 25 percent of all the country. It emphasizes Santa Lucia that, with its 20 kilometers of beaches protected by a chorale barrier, allow to submerge in its waters to observe the variety of chorales, tropical sponges and fish, as well as some thirty Spanish galleons and some other sunk ships of the 2nd World war.
With Santa Lucia like origen point, several excursions take to the visitors towards the channel from entrance to the bay of Nuevitas, to the southwest of the beach, tour that includes visit to establishments of birds and the islands Ballenatos (Whales), besides to allow to be present at from the sea a sun putting and to include in the routes the Mountain range of Cubitas, reserves of more than 300 vegetal species, some native ones.
In this last mountainous system - of special reliefs are located the caverns of the Generals, the Mercedes, Indio and Pichardo, where the studies revealed the existence of pictography of natives, and the Sima de Rolando, that contains one place of more than 100 meters depth.
The small barren islands grouped in the archipelago of the Jardines de la Reina ( Queen Gardens), for the south, and leave from the Sabana-Camagüey call, to the north, complement the supply of virgin beaches and abundant nature for the tourists.
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